Friday, August 22, 2014

Farewell From An Old Hack

Dear GenJ Students,

iGovern '08
It’s been a blast working with you all over the past decade. I’ve been a member of Generation Joshua since 2004, and during that time I’ve seen GenJ grow from the slapdash, last-minute activism of the early days to an established and respected organization in the American political scene. I’ve watched iGovern transform from those early camps in the hills of Tennessee to the incredible week of politics, leadership, and worship that it’s become. I’ve watched SATs change from 5 guys and a minivan to some of the largest coordinated deployments in the United States. And I’ve had the opportunity to watch civics education, my particular program, grow from a few original source documents and a quick quiz into a high-quality, comprehensive citizenship education.

It’s been an incredible ride. I’ve made lifelong friends (shout out to Andrew Mullins), watched lifelong friends drink way too many energy drinks on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol (here’s to you, Glenn), spent long nights on the old forums, and, most recently, finally saw the Nick Barden Galaxy Bill pass into law. GenJ has been an integral part of my life for the past 10 years, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

iGovern '11
But it’s time to transition into a new season a life. In the wake of my graduation from Patrick Henry College, I’ll be transitioning out of Generation Joshua over the next week to take a new position as Admissions Counselor at Patrick Henry College. I’m excited about the possibility of keeping in touch with you all in my new capacity – if you have any questions about PHC (or if you just want someone to chat with about politics, philosophy, or theology), feel free to shoot me a message on my Facebook or an email at

In the interim, I’m hoping that this transition won’t mark the end of my involvement with Generation Joshua. I plan to remain a member of the Leadership Corps, so don’t be surprised if you see me dual wielding a GenJ nametag and an admissions badge at a Teen Track, SAT, or iGovern near you.

Go Gold,

Nick Barden
iGovern '14


  1. Galaxy - Check, Multiverse - In progress.

  2. I'm excited for you Nick! And I'm glad the Galaxy Bill finally got passed. :) You shall be forever cherished in our beating hearts for as long as life's purpose pulses through our veins.

    Oh, I read The Apology of Socrates yesterday. You can be proud. :b

  3. I just now read this; I can't believe the Galaxy Bill actually passed. Props to all those involved!
    Best of luck to you Nick in your new pursuits!