Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Ivory Cubicle | How to Tell a Libertarian from a Conservative (When There's No Cannabis Involved)

In the truly horrible coverage of the aftermath of CPAC, the popular American blogo-media have once again demonstrated their inability to grasp the most basic concepts of political theory. We're told that Rand Paul won on a wave of libertarian support, despite conservative opposition, pointing to the vast divide between the libertarian belief in limited government and the heavy-handed conservative belief in authoritarian social policies.

Excuse me while I relieve myself of the insides of my stomach. It seems that most of the talking heads couldn't tell a libertarian from a conservative if he was hitting him over the head with a cannabis-stickered “420”-stenciled Gary Johnson sign.

The Conservative Trainwreck?

All right, I get it. Conservatism's a mess in the United States, haphazardly pasted together by a number of factions each desiring mutually inconsistent policy proposals: a smaller government (for free love and cheap cannabis), a big freakin' military (and a dozen and a half wars to boot -- maybe even a glass parking lot in the Middle East), or heavy handed social policies (recriminalizing sodomy and instituting the death penalty for gays). Thus, “conservatism,” if so it can meaningfully be called, is at war with itself, with some factions favoring a drastic reduction of government while others feature its rapid expansion. The libertarian wing, staunch defenders of limited government, stand in stark opposition to the big bad social conservatives who want the government Bible-thumping all up in your bedroom.

But on this side of reality, conservatism has always championed limited government. It's just that the conservative and libertarian arguments for limited government have always been substantially different. If conservatism is like a pair of swans, with elegant heart-craned necks representing that properly ordered love of God, family, community, and country, then libertarians are the squawking, honking geese outside my window, defiling my lake with their filth. They look precisely the same (to anyone with terrible eyesight).

The libertarian principle for limited government can be found in their name -- “liberty” (with scare quotes, perhaps “libertine” is a better word). The libertarian case for limited government stands on the shallow assertion of “my rights,” to which I am entitled and which grant me the right to do whatever I please insofar as I'm not harming anyone else (because marijuana, Ayn Rand, and free love). The liberty which they masquerade under is not genuine liberty, it is license, and it divorces government from the natural moral order which governs all of reality.

The conservative principle for limited government, on the other hand, is based on a concept of ordered liberty, with rights emanating from a robust philosophy of human nature. Human beings are possessed with will, their societies are based on certain customs, habits, and institutions peculiar to the particular culture they inhabit. As such, virtue cannot be coerced by government, as our dear liberal friends would wish, but must emerge organically from the voluntary choices of free citizens.

The libertarian, then, would paint their faces blue and run into the fray like a slightly younger and more deranged Mel Gibson yelling “FREEEEEEDOM!” Useful, perhaps, but nobody really wants a Scotsman on the throne. I'd much rather have a person that respects an ordered liberty based on eternal principles of justice than someone who ascribes to the pragmatically utilitarian harm principle.

No matter. Rand Paul tells us he wants limited government, therefore, he's a libertarian. QED. Forget the fact that he quoted Montesquieu (sumptuary laws, anyone?) or James Madison, that defender of moral license and free self-expression (oh wait). Nope, the libertarians are finally getting their limited government, much to the chagrin of those heavy-handed moralizing social conservatives...

Posted by Nick Barden
(All opinions expressed are those of the author, not necessarily Generation Joshua).


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