Thursday, February 20, 2014

The American Voter: Fangirl Edition

There once was a time for reason and sensibility in politics, when nice, respectable parties engaged in shameless demagoguery, when the dirt flung at one's adversaries was at least tangentially related to something resembling the issues of the day, and when an appearance of formal criticism and debate was provided so that the voter could make a not-quite-completely-uninformed decision. There once was a time when the inept voter was buttered up by appealing to his over-inflated sense of intelligence, political savvy, or his profound grasp of economics, world politics, and domestic policy.

But not today. No, this is the day in which politics has been emptied of its last pretense of sophistication and propriety. Today, our nation caves to all the inane degradation of human nature, intelligence, and basic laws of human communication enshrined in our interwebz (which is omg sooo totes not okay). For today, the American voter has become...

...a fangirl.

(Image collected from a Democratic Party email. This comic break provided to you by Nick Barden, who, due to unfortunately drowning in a puddle of late assignments and a stack of books up to the tip of his beard, is in sore need of a break from his column. Have no fear, he shall return).

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