Wednesday, July 24, 2013

iGovern Recap (Part 3)

Well, our camp season has wound to a close, but we have one final group of reflections from our iGovern staffers. So without further adieu.

Jeremiah Lorrig
iGovern Chief of Staff

Life is life. There is good and bad. There is easy and hard. Most of the time you take what comes and make the best of it (if you are an optimist) or just bear it (if you are a pessimist), but regardless, life happens and you just live it.

But every so often opportunities arise that allow you to just jump in with both feet. One of those times in my life is iGovern. I love iGovern because as I watch the week the phrase “God is on the move!” comes to mind. I see a generation of young people who are excited to see what God is doing and are willing to join His work.

When I look around, I can’t help but imagining 34 years from now when that kid is in the Senate needing help with an issue and I tell him to talk with the cadre sitting around the legislative table because they are all now leaders in Congress and one of them is the chair of a powerful committee. As the Senator walks away I turn back to the person I was talking to originally about his plan to flip the Senate and recruit a mutual friend to be the next President of the United States. The problem is that a mutual friend of ours is using all her influence to get him appointed as Ambassador at Large to deal with the Middle East Peace process.

This all makes me smile because although each of them is different, they all started in Generation Joshua’s iGovern program. I don’t know if that is what is going to happen, but it makes me smile. God is not done with this generation and it is exciting to think of what He has for them to do!

Daniel Heffington
Head Male Counselor

iGovern East 2013 was one of the most amazing GenJ camps that I’ve ever been a part of. We had an incredible group of students and a dedicated team of leaders. One of my absolute favorite parts of camp is getting to hear the stories of how God moves and works in different hearts and minds throughout the week. One of the things that the Lord brought us to again and again was the concept that He is strong in our weakness, and that He loves to take broken, sinful people and turn them into beautiful, living testimonies of Redemption. God truly blessed this camp, and I was honored to spend a week with our incredible staff and these amazing students.

Josie Boyer
Counselor, Lobbyist

I was booking it back to my dorm to get dressed for the gala when some girls came out of their dorm and asked me to come check on a young lady who was really upset. I discovered that it was someone I had briefly met on a walk to a class, and for the two minutes we walked together we really connected. I was amazed and grateful that The Lord had already established a friendship between us because it turned out she had misunderstood one of the FEC rules and was heavily fined. All of her money was gone. She was devastated. Absolutely devastated.  She was on the phone with her parents arranging plans to go home that evening when I walked in. The Lord had been talking to me a lot about how he goes before us, prepares everything ahead of time and provides all of our needs... He had been telling me over and over "Don't fret, Josie.  I've got it covered!" He gave me such a new and amazing prospective on that. To my friend it was a problem she could not solve. There was no way she could correct what went down or cover her losses. She had failed and there was no hope in sight. What she didn't know was that after our earlier conversation, the Lord had laid it on my heart to make a donation to her campaign. I was trying to find her! I was in such absolute awe when I saw what He was doing. He restored what was lost... And doubled it for her! I talked to her and as everything began to settle, I convinced her to attend the gala. She told me at the end of camp that it was one of the best weeks of her life. The lesion that came out of that in her life... (and in mine) is that Our Heavenly father has got our back like we can't even imagine. True story.

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Jeremiah - Mamie Carlstrom
Daniel - Noah Harris
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