Monday, July 1, 2013

iGovern Recap (Part 2)

Well, we promised you we'd have more posts with the staffers reflections on iGovern East, and we will continue to do so (as soon as the staffers send their reflections in). Without further adieu, here's the second batch.

Brittany Barden
Head Female Counselor, Teacher

Brittany (Center) with Josie (L) and Rachel (R).
I love seeing God work in students lives through the chapel messages and worship we have every day. When I tell people about iGovern, I tell them we use politics as an excuse to do ministry... and it is so true. During the last night of camp, as we spent time worshiping God, I was blown away to look around and see life after life redeemed by God. There is the suicidal boy who was saved last year and just by looking at him, you can see he is a completely new and free person in Christ. There is the guy who just told us he was saved last year as well... And we had no idea. There is the girl who was fighting very real demons earlier in the week and could not even say that Christ is Lord. By Friday, I watched as she worshiped with abandon, singing "we raise our white flag/we surrender" with arms raised. These are just a few of the stories I know of life after life changed for God. Yet I also know that each story and each life is still in progress. Seeing God at work in so many lives gives me confidence that His work is just beginning and I have learned to approach with boldness the throne of grace to intercede for the lives and souls of His children. Many, many thanks to those who pray with us for all our campers to become free and live abundant lives in Christ.

Jill Roy
Administrator, Worship Team Member, Event Coordinator

For me, the best part of iGovern is always chapel. Every day we set aside time to worship and praise the Lord through music. It's a great time to quiet your heart at the end of the day and focus your mind on the Lord. I have the privilege of working with amazing musicians on the worship team to bring together a set for chapel every day. We definitely saw God working in the lives and hearts of both the students and staff who attended. It's exciting to see the Lord move. He is at work at GenJ.

Grace Tate
Assistant Head Female Counselor, Wall Street Executive

iGovern East reminded me what makes Gen J so uniquely awesome. It started off like all the iGoverns - at break neck speed, throwing dozens of new roles and responsibilities at the campers as they dived into the world of U.S. Congress, international summits, and presidential campaigns. Every time I see it, I'm convinced again that this is the best way to learn this stuff. You will remember how legislation is passed and parties are organized so much more by doing it, than just read or hearing about it.

But that's just the beginning. Yes, all of the campers will be better American citizens for the week of intense training simulation. But way more important, they will have experienced Christ's love in action. At camp, they hear His truth, and see what He is doing in all the lives around them. The chapel messages are my favorite part of camp, because that's where I see lives changed. It reminds me what is most important, and what Gen J is really all about: building Christ followers that will shine likes stars in a dark, hurting, and broken world.

We want to hear from you. For those of you who have been to iGovern, either this year or before, leave a comment letting us know about your favorite part of iGovern.

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Brittany courtesy of Sarah Heffington
Jill courtesy of Noah Harris
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