Monday, March 4, 2013

Generation Joshua March Madness Bracket Challenge!

Hey GenJ! It’s March, and if you’re a sports fan, you know what that means: March Madness! We are gearing up (or, more accurately, Glenn is gearing up and dragging the rest of the office along) for March Madness and we wanted to invite you to our Bracket Challenge. We want to know, do you have what it takes to beat the staff?

If you think you can beat us, sign up here! The password is GenJ2013.

To sweeten the deal, we are giving away some awesome prize packs filled with GenJ gear to the winners! You could win a GenJ Sweatshirt, t-shirt, and our all-new backpacks! You can see all the awesome prizes in the official rules. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

We are really excited (ok, to be honest, this is Glenn writing and I’m really excited) for March Madness this year. I haven’t been able to follow NCAA basketball as much as I would have liked, but I have been surprised at the number of upsets (my favorite being Maryland beating then #2 Duke). If this continues into the Tournament, it will be a fun, and interesting tournament. Maybe we will see a Cinderella story similar to Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011, or at least some awesome upsets in the first couple rounds. These unpredictable, but awesome, upsets make March Madness different than any other tournament in sports. I still remember watching the Bucknell Bison upset #3 seeded Kansas in 2005 (such a sweet memory!).

As we wait for the Tournament, what are your favorite memories of March Madness and who do you think will win this year?

I look forward to competing against all of you in the official GenJ March Madness Bracket Challenge!

By Glenn Bertsch


  1. Last time I tried, my bracket was really bad.

  2. I need a confirmation code to enter the group

  3. Yo Glenn, I'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but KU has one of the best basketball programs of all time.

  4. Jonathan, sorry about that, I've edited the post to fix this, the code is GenJ2013.

  5. Thank you! Hopefully I have better results than last year :D I also own the stalwart comment! Its my character name, I used a temporary account for that comment. Now I'm subscribed :D