Thursday, March 7, 2013

Announcing the T-Shirt Contest Winners!

*raps stick repeatedly on podium*

Attention everyone! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! These valiant competitors have withstood the precise and inquisitive eye of a certain Mr. Andrew Ferguson, the eccentricity of a certain Mr. Nick Barden, the affinity for pomp and grandeur of a certain Mr. Joel Grewe (may he live forever), the impulsivity of a certain Mrs. Jill Roy, the infamously subpar sartorial tendencies of Mr. Jeremiah Lorrig, the scrupulosity of a pair of interns from another department who happen to be working in our office space (for some reason), and....erm...well...Glenn.

After declaring our favorites and doing battle with the pair of swords hanging in Mr. Lorrig's office, one winner has emerged from the carnage.

(...actually, it was pretty universally agreed upon. Except for Jeremiah. See point above about infamously subpar sartorial tendencies).

With that, I give you, the second runner up! (well, you didn't expect me to start with the winner, did you?)

Jonathan Crotser, with his "Wings of an Eagle."

*AHEM*. Please hold your applause. We have a lot to get through today. What's that? Oh, fine, you all can do a debate clap.


All right, moving now to the first runner up. I must confess, there is a special place in my heart for this one. It is reminiscent of the band t-shirts that I used to wear throughout my middle school and early high school days, when purple skinny jeans and spiked belts were the rage. I especially appreciated the surrealist touch with the melting road. Classic. Ladies and gentlemen, Katrina Kinder's "The Road to Victory!"


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. The splendiforous masterpiece that is to become the new Generation Joshua official t-shirt! Ahem. Can we have a drumroll please?


This lady's submission easily stood above the rest, as the best produced, intricate, ingenious and integrated design of the bunch. Without further adieu, I give you your winner, Miss Kendra Yoakum with "Life, Liberty and Jefferson!"


Well, that's all folks! The shirt has been sent over to our graphics design contact for development, and will be ready for purchase later this year. As always, attend iGovern East, West, or Pacific to get a sneak peak at it. Prizes will be in the mail shortly. Etc, and so forth.

Yours truly,
Mr. Nick Barden


  1. "and erm...well...Glenn."
    This whole post made my day. XD

    Can't wait to see the new shirt!

  2. The announcement was just as much a piece of artwork as the shirts!

  3. Congrats!!! The one that won was one of my favorites...#3 and #6 were my top 2 favorites :)