Friday, January 25, 2013

News from GenJ | Students Speak At West Virginia Inaugural Reception

Last week, Generation Joshua students from the Patriots of the Eastern Panhandle club had the opportunity to speak to GOP leadership at the West Virginia inaugural reception. Peter, the secretary of the club, wrote a recap of the event.

On January 13, 2013, my club of GenJ members from Jefferson County, WV took the five hour trip to Charleston, the capital of the state, on the invitation of recently elected attorney general Patrick Morrisey. Mr. Morrisey (the first Republican Attorney General to be elected in West Virginia in 84 years) had been one of the main focus candidates of our club during the election season, and we had made a number of phone calls, knocked on a number of doors, and handed out a large amount of campaign literature. We had done our best to get the WV vote for the conservative candidate. We had an awesome time during the campaign, especially when Mr. Morrisey won.  
Shortly after Election Day, one of our adult sponsors got a call from the Morrisey campaign, and our whole club was asked to tour the capital, witness the Attorney General’s inauguration, and to be present at the GOP Reception a few hours after the inauguration. This was an incredible honor, as a place in the reception was only available by invitation. But what made the trip most worthwhile was being able to spread the message of Generation Joshua to so many prominent Republican leaders. We showed the GenJ intro video and our club president gave a short speech talking about our involvement in the campaign. Our youngest member recited the pledge of allegiance and we left the stage.  
We hope the message gets out among conservatives everywhere that our generation is not going to sit around and watch the nation shatter due to ungodly leaders, but that we will fight for God and country as best we can.
-Peter D., Secretary, Patriots of the Eastern Panhandle GenJ Chapter
Club president Nathanael Main gave the following address to GOP leadership.
Thank you for your warm welcome. My name is Nathanael Main, I am 18 years old, and I am the president of our Generation Joshua club. Thank you all for attending this inaugural banquet.
And thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak before you tonight.  Mr. Morrisey, I would like to personally thank you as president of the Patriots of the Eastern Panhandle chapter of Generation Joshua, for giving us the opportunity to work for a campaign, and a very successful one at that.
Because this was our first campaign, we were uncertain about how much enthusiasm or motivation would be put into the campaign.  Well, those fears were soon put to rest.  I know I speak for all our members when I tell you that we members all but rushed to help in completing the tasks that we volunteered to do.  Whether it was phone banking, door knocking, literature dropping, or distributing signs, we were eager and excited to help someone who believes strongly in the morals that we love and call our own.
I know we learned much while working on your campaign.  Because most of our time volunteering was spent at the phone banks in the Victory Office, our members had a great opportunity to learn proper phone skills as well as patience while waiting and hoping for a few citizens to pick up the phone—and we learned much more—assertiveness and tenacity to name just a few.
When we were not on the phones, we learned about how a political campaign operates.  One of our members pointed out that we saw how a campaign without finances is essentially a campaign without a leg to support itself on.  A candidate needs money to operate the phones, maintain the offices, hire full-time staff, and buy material for signs, etc.
While doing the phone banks, one of our members would ask people to cast their one vote, not just for themselves, but for him—because he was too young to do so.  Another member said that he was surprised about just how many people were optimistic about the election.
In conclusion, I again thank you, Mr. Morrisey, for giving our Generation Joshua members an incredible opportunity.  Because of your help, we’ve gained great insight into the opportunities within politics.  We each came away with unique experiences that will last a lifetime.  Thank you, Mr. Morrisey.
We're incredibly excited about the efforts that Generation Joshua students have put into electing godly, conservative Christian leaders on both the state and national level.

GenJ Staff

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  1. That's fantastic! It is inspiring to hear how effective Generation Joshua clubs can be.