Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Break Bible Reading Challenge

Two weeks. 85 chapters a day. One extraordinary Bible reading challenge.

That's right, today's the kick-off for Generation Joshua's annual Christmas Break Bible reading challenge. The challenge is a student-organized, student-led project that was organized online via our official Generation Joshua forums. Since its inception in 2008, a number of students have seized this opportunity to keep Christ as the center of the Christmas season.

The students have kept a blog over the past several years. Head on over there to take a look at past stories and interviews of students who have completed the challenge.

From Brianna:
What did you find most profitable about Christmas Bible Reading? 
For one, it keeps your mind where it should be around Christmas: on Christ. And it was a great way to just see the Bible as a whole, not just as a chapter here, or a verse there.  You notice things you never noticed before when you read it all the way through in a short period of time.
From Amy:
What would you tell people looking into doing this?
Reading the Bible through is something you will never forget or regret. Its an experience that will change your life, simply because God is life-changing. You will never be able to look at it the same way!
So go ahead and take the challenge! Head on over to the Generation Joshua forums (if you're a member) and check out the Bible reading challenge thread.

This year's schedule:

December 18 (Day 1)
Genesis 1 - Exodus 26

December 19 (Day 2)
Exodus 27 - Numbers 27

December 20 (Day 3)
Numbers 28 - Judges 9

December 21 (Day 4)
Judges 10 - 1 Kings 7

December 22 (Day 5)
1 Kings 8 - 2 Chronicles 6

December 23 (Day 6)
2 Chronicles 7 - Job 40

December 24 (Day 7)
Job 41 - Proverbs 18

December 25 (Day 8)
Proverbs 19 - Jeremiah 5

December 26 (Day 9)
Jeremiah 6 - Ezekiel 28

December 27 (Day 10)
Ezekiel 29 - Malachi 4

December 28 (Day 11)
Matthew 1 - Luke 7

December 29 (Day 12)
Luke 8 - Acts 13

December 30 (Day 13)
Acts 14 - Philippians 2

December 31 (Day 14)
Philippians 3 - Revelation 22

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