Monday, September 10, 2012

A Look at the Leadership Corp. Part 1.

Hi GenJers! Would you like a glimpse into the world of an iGovern camp counselor?

I’m currently enrolled in an online college class about Service-Learning, which is basically a term that describes a volunteer experience that teaches you something. As part of the course, I need to write a series of blog posts reflecting on my experience as a volunteer and what it has taught me. I can’t think of a more interesting, effective volunteer experience than my work with the Gen J Leadership Corps as an iGovern counselor (yep, the campers aren’t the only ones learning!). It also occurred to me that you might find the subject interesting too – and it’s much more motivating for me to write for an audience than just a professor. 

This is the first of a 5-part series about some of the incredible lessons I have learned as an iGovern counselor. I will mostly draw from the most recent camp, iGovern West 2012, because the project instructions asks me to focus on a single specific experience, and it is most fresh in my memory.

Perhaps the best place to begin at is at the beginning: how and why I became a counselor in the first place.

I attended iGovern as a student/camper twice. I came back, because I was thirsty for what I heard at camp: that my life has purpose, that little, nobody me could make a difference, that Christ really could impact and shine through every area of my life to illuminate the world. It changed my life. I came away inspired, and got involved – in politics, in ministry, and yes, in Gen J.

As I “aged out” of Gen J as a student, I wanted to help give others what I had been given. So it was thrilling to hear of a new Gen J initiative: the Leadership Corps. The Leadership Corps is still new and developing, but currently, members help lead the Student Action Teams, assist local Gen J clubs, and serve as iGovern camp counselors.  It was exactly what I wanted to do; a way for Gen J alumni to help mentor younger Gen J students and pass on the gift.

I sent in my Leadership Corps application and was accepted. It was the start of a grand new adventure that’s taken me across the country, led me to meet and work with hundreds of remarkable people, and all along the way, taught me a great deal. I’ll share a few of those lessons with you soon.

 Stay tuned!

Grace Tate

If you are currently 19 and a member of Generation Joshua, you are eligible to apply for the Leadership Corp.  You can learn more and begin your application process here.


  1. Grace~

    Thank you so much for writing this series about the Leadership Corps. I will be looking forward to reading them all!

    Hopefully the Leadership Corps will be something God makes available to me next year after I turn 19. Talking with you at iGovern West definitley made me interested!

    Again, I can't wait to read more about your experiences. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with all of us.

    God Bless,

    Alexis Bigelow

    1. It's great to hear from you, Alexis! Thank you for reading, and for the encouragement. :)