Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Dancing Horses and Ugly Shirts

I’m not the political person in the my office.  This is a two-fold issue.  First and foremost, I simply am not interested in politics on the same level as most of my colleagues, but also because my views are pretty tough tough categorize, and there has yet to be a candidate that I truly feel I could jump behind.  One of my co-workers has described me as a libertarian social progressive.  I kinda like that.
           That being said, I fell I must address something of a political nature.  More accurately, something that, I feel, should not be a political issue, but sadly is.  It is a tale of hypocrisy, idiocy, and a dancing horse.
This shirt has matching pants.  For real.
           We are told, that because of an awesome dancing horse, Mitt Romney is out of touch, that voters can’t identify with him, etc etc blah blah blah.  Yes, the man is worth $230 million dollars, yes, he spends more on his horse then I make in two and a half years, and yes, his wife wears really ugly shirts.  Side note, how is the price tag the story there?  That shirt is hideous!  If you really want to criticize Ann Romney, point out that she has zero fashion sense!  Do we want our first lady wearing shirts with fish on them?  Or is it a bird?  A skinny turtle?  Some weird, mutant fishbirdturtle?  Come on CNN, I can’t do your job for you!  Stuff this good isn’t cheap!  Seriously, call me, we’ll talk.
            I should not be the President of the United States of America.  I should not be the President of the local chapter of the PTA.  I should not be the President of my couch.   I have trouble organizing health forms for thirteen eleven year olds on the soccer team I coach.  Mitt Romney, on the other hand, not only knows how to run a giant, wealthy, multinational corporation, he has run an actual state!  He ran both of these very well, and as a result, admittedly mostly of the former, he is now an incredibly wealthy man.  And this is… bad?
           According to the Washington Post, Romney gave away 21.5 million dollars, or 13.8 percent.  That is roughly three times the total net worth of our sitting POTUS.  That’s a lot of money.  His entire inheritance from his father was donated to a university, helping average, middle class Americans get an education.  He set aside a 100 million dollar trust fund for his children, doing EXACTLY what every single one of  us would do if we were able.  Ironically, Barack Obama’s charitable donations over the same time period were for almost exactly the same percentage! 
           Clearly these two numbers are empirically different, but the fact remains, Romney and Obama are equally generous.  The average American gives 1.2 percent of their income to charity, so you can argue that the two viable presidential candidates in this election are more in touch with their social duties then the average American!  Clearly this issue is a wash.
           But somehow we are still told, and expected to believe, that Romney is out of touch.  Here’s a novel thought.  Instead of looking at personal finances and lifestyles, what if we looked at policies.  What if we looked at the track records our leaders have.  What if we looked at what was best for America instead of who’s life we are most jealous of.  Because right now, we are choosing between two one percenter’s, just like we do every four years.  Whoever wins the presidency will one day retire, and write books and speak at universities and make bank for the rest of their lives, and be far more wealthy than you and me everyone we knowAt some point, doesn’t anyone who thinks that a candidates personal wealth matters stop for just a second, and feel a little stupid?

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