Friday, July 27, 2012

Petra Anderson - Ready to Believe

Hey GenJers, my name is Peter Forbes, and I’ve been friends with Joel and Jeremiah and the other GenJ staff for a long time now. I've had the pleasure of being an iGovern camp counselor off and on for a few years. You all have shown that you are ready to believe in good, and that’s one of the reasons I’d like to share the story of my friend Petra Anderson, a former GenJ member, with you.

Petra was shot at the Aurora shooting early Friday morning, July 20, at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Three shotgun pellets hit her arm, and a fourth one hit her head, rocketing through her brain.

But she survived, and more than that, it looks like the pellet missed her brain’s blood vessels and other key areas that control her vital functions. She’s recovering, talking, making jokes, moving around. She’s still exhausted and healing from her surgeries, but her condition is so immensely better than it could have been that her neurosurgeon called her situation a “miracle.”

Unfortunately, the medical expenses for Petra and her family look crippling, not just because of Petra’s recovery costs, but Petra’s mom, Kim, is suffering from stage-three breast cancer. The money that would have started going to Kim’s treatment is now needed for Petra. (NBC ran a news story on them last night, part of which you can see here.)

This is why some others and I have put up a campaign on a crowd funding site called IndieGoGo, where people can give donations and send messages to the Anderson family. So far, the family has received an incredible outpouring of generosity and support.

In Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film, The Dark Knight, Batman tells the Joker that Gotham City is “full of people ready to believe in good.” I believe that the support that’s been given to Petra and her mother has shown that Gotham City isn’t the only place where people are ready to believe in good.

I know GenJ members take pride in trying to work hard for good, and I believe you will feel this way even more strongly for one of your own. If you will, please keep Petra and her mother in your prayers, and share the word about their campaign page.



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