Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GenJ Through an Intern's Eyes: The Two Powers

In keeping with the saga of the GenJ office, it is now time to explain the Two Powers of the realm of GenJ. Fortunately, no matter how much Joel imitates an evil dictator or Jeremiah mimics a powerful wizard of doom, they are both on the side of good. Even though I sometimes compare these two gentlemen to the forces of evil, remember that in their hearts they are nothing more than a teddy bear and a frog.

The Two Powers


Saruman, a.k.a. Joel, is one of the most powerful members of the GenJ office, second only to the Elvish King, Will. His office contains a powerful shining object where mysterious and wonderful things happen. Unfortunately, it is in the shape of a flat computer instead of a magical orb. He has been known to use force lightning, and there are rumors of sacred rituals that turn his hair snow white.

One of the problems that Joel faces is his deep conflict of soul. He finds it difficult to decide which side he is on: good or evil. This indecision expresses itself in a maniacal laugh after designing a cool part of camp and an office that looks like an arsenal. His evil side is equally matched by his benevolent side. The work he puts in to making GenJ what it is is truly amazing. His ingenuity and diligence becomes apparent at our amazing camps. And one needs only see him with his son to know that he is really a teddy bear.

Joel is also an excellent singer. If you were ever wondering how Joel sounds, see the video to your left.

Joel is a fearless general who will lead a charge into the enemy whether it is thousands of orcs or hundreds of teenagers (though both are roughly the same thing). As Legolas (Jill) said in reference to ancient myths, “Each child is unique in how it is pulled from the mud and made to carry a weapon of some sort.” Joel has the power to disarm each with a single glance. He also has the minion hoard at his beckon call, so beware. Any attempt to resist him will result in total annihilation (except maybe a small piece for memorabilia). Do not end up on his wall of fame.


Jeremiah, our resident Gandalf, is a fighter not a lover, but he is a lover too, so don’t get any ideas. The champion of grey robes and business casual, Jeremiah is the epitome of formality and grace. He is a grizzled veteran of many campaigns and sage of great wisdom. He carries a large shield and staff to keep the teenage hoards at bay. He has a policy of “carry a big stick and use it.”

In his early years, Jeremiah was cursed and turned into a bullfrog. He was freed from this curse not by a kiss but by a song, which some of you may have heard.

Jeremiah is also an artist. It is hard to imagine the extent of his creativity. Even as a frog, he could disguise himself as a horned toad. He knows how to craft a response to every audience and how to communicate to every individual. He is the ultimate diplomat. Jeremiah is a true leader who inspires others through his words and actions. Listening to him speak in chapel is always a humbling and convicting experience. Even as a bullfrog, he is still a prince amongst men.

Jeremiah’s power is great enough to sometimes tame the conflicted Saruman. Unlike in the stories, Gandalf and Saruman continue to be friends. Maybe it is because no one has found the ring in Frodo’s (Glenn’s) desk. Whatever the reason, Gandalf continues to be a confidant for Saruman.


The Two Powers have their own special abilities that combine to make an unstoppable team. Throw in the Fellowship of the Cubes and there is no number of teenagers that can withstand such an awesome force.

Look for next week’s post “Who’s the King?” once again through an intern’s eyes!

Posted by The Most Humble Potentate, His Excellency Aragorn, Heir to the Throne of Gondor (may he live forever), Leader of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth, et al., etc. and so forth (a.k.a. Andrew Ferguson).


  1. This is just great! You have a very engaging writing syle, and I loved how you so perfectly described Joel and Jeremiah as being Saruman and Gandalf (and a teddy bear and frog ;). Just super! Looking forward to “Who’s the King?”. :)

  2. Teddy bear and a frog... verrrry interesting description. Look forward to seeing part two! :)