Tuesday, June 12, 2012

iGovern East 2012. A Retroactive Look Forward.

Some of the Avengers assemble.

              It isn’t often that the Avengers get involved in politics, but when they do, they really do.   At least to the extent that attacking James Bond for expressing his political views is politics.  This seems Anti-American, a weird trans-genre mash-up, and just plain wrong, but as Director Fury wisely pointed out later, 007 is not an American, and therefore has no first amendment protection.  Given his propensity for rashness, combustion seems to have been the wisest choice, and the subsequent explosion was very satisfying.  The Hulk would have preferred smashing, but democracy won out.
             iGovern really is a cast of characters.  Corrupt politicians, even more corrupt lobbyists, and far more corrupt Tanzanian border officials.  The usual suspects, as it were.  Throw in overly-peppy tour guides, oddly attired gurus, lovesick governors and Mr. G and you have a very small taste of the madness that a week of iGovern looks like.  There were actual prison riots.  Things were smashed.  A study in beauty as seen in chaos theory.  Breathtaking. 

With two more additions forthcoming, and a true pandemic of one-ups-manship being caught by all, it can only get . . . better?  Yes, we’ll go with that.  For now.  But a serious examination is in order.
                 Chaos is brilliant, but ultimately is just that; chaos.  Without direction, without purpose, it is maddening.  And that is far from the true purpose of iGovern.  On some level, the purported goal, teaching government, is far from the true purpose, inasmuch as its use can only be measured by success in one area.
                 The staff at iGovern were blessed with the privilege of witnessing the entrance of three souls into the kingdom of God.  What is more, no credit can be claimed by any involved.  The combination of people, campers and staff alike, of speakers and events and personal reflection was far too vast, too random, too unique for any man, or combination of men, to have orchestrated.  Its perfection was infinite, and the strings being pulled could only have been pulled by infinity.
                 God spoke this past week.  He may have chosen Mr. G or Will or Jeremiah to be his mouthpiece, but it was not they who spoke.  And that is where the true beauty lies.  Matthew 18:20 says that “where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  This is a promise that never fails, and one that held true, and continues to hold true.
                  Counselors, independently and as groups, prayed for weeks leading up to iGovern.  The Lord was sought at every meeting, at every meal, in prayer requests at the various churches attended by staff.  The week was bathed in prayer, by a steadfast group of believers that truly wanted nothing more than to get their fragile, imperfect selves out of the way, to allow God to work in them and through them.  To quote Richard Harper “Your works will only work when he works in you.”
                 Was government taught?  Yes.  Fun we certainly had, and chaos ruled the day.  But in the end, none of that has any true weight, any true relevance, when standing next to this fact.  Last week, God, in all of his grace and mercy, used iGovern East to bring three more sinners into his kingdom.  For all of us at Generation Joshua, from Director Will to the counselors who volunteered their time, I can safely make this proclamation: 

This is why we do what we do.
And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

God Bless


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