Monday, June 11, 2012

Changing the World Starts Here!

As iGovern East came to a close this past weekend, I asked a lot of campers what they thought of the experience.  The almost universal response was, “well, I didn’t know what to expect when I came, but it wasn’t anything this awesome!”

I know what they mean. It’s hard to find the words to describe iGovern. Maybe a moving picture can help:

It’s so much more than just a summer camp, a government camp, church camp, or even a worldview camp. It’s all of these and so much more. iGovern is a place where you find friendship, inspiration, and purpose. 

Photo by Daniel Tate
Traveling to iGovern East last Saturday, I made a new friend and was trying to explain this incredible organization called Generation Joshua, and its summer camp where I would be counseling next week. After gushing for a few minutes, the best words I could come up with were “Gen J is about finding your place and purpose in this world. It’s about getting the big picture, and living out Christ in every area of life. It’s about really living your faith – putting action to you beliefs, and being real light in the dark.”

Her response was, “Wow, I wish I had known about this when my kids were teens.”

That’s why I’m writing this post - so more people can know about it, and fewer people miss out on this life changing experience.

I’ve never heard of another camp quite like iGovern – where literally everyone can find a place, learn something (usually a LOT), and have fun. The only truly universal common interests are Christ and American citizenship; how these two factors impact each other is the central focus. Beyond that, we are a beautiful rainbow of people – leaders, speakers, thinkers, artists, musicians, writers, dreamers, mathematicians, scientists, politicians, strategists, introverts, extroverts, and everything in between – a reflection of our wonderfully diverse country, which our generation will someday lead.

Photo by Daniel Tate
It’s nearly impossible to choose my favorite moment of camp, but if I had to, it would probably be the awards ceremony on the last night. As I watch campers recognized for their unique gifts, talents, and character traits – from leadership and organization to grace and friendship – my heart swells with emotion to think of where all this will lead. With so many flames lit in these young hearts and minds, America cannot help but have a brighter future.

There are two more opportunities for the teens in your life to experience the same this summer – iGovern Pacific (in California), and iGovern West (in Colorado Springs). Registration is open for both, but time is running out! Sign up today!

If any iGovern alumni are reading this, please leave a comment below sharing what you loved about the experience! 

Post by Grace Tate, member Generation Joshua Leadership Corps. 

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