Thursday, May 24, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to the GenJ forums . . .

Okay, I lied. I avoid the forums with the same sense of urgency that I avoid Michael Bay films and getting hit in the face with spiky wrenches.  I tend to prefer real interactions with my fellow carbon based life-forms when possible, and yes, I do feel hypocritical saying that as I write a blog.
            Many of my compatriots at GenJ do not share my feelings of rancor towards the internet in general, or to the forums specifically.  They enjoy pontificating in Times New Roman, or in the case of Jeremiah Lorrig, Garamond, safely insulated by the vague protection and anonymity of emotions that is their monitor, secure in the knowledge that if they don’t like what you have to say, they can flex their moderator muscles and cause your brilliant arguments short, electro-magnetic internet life to come to a screeching halt in such a manner as to cause even the most ignominious owl to blush.

            But I digress.  In spite of their digital proclivity’s, it is generally safe to assume that even the Glenn Bertschs of the world would rather converse with you in a manner known as “face to face.”  Novel, to be sure, but also refreshing, often inspiring, and if both parties involved wear deodorant, even pleasant.
            So it is with this glorious purpose that I write you today.  I hope you are fully versed in the nature of iGovern, a swirling hurricane of an entity that is incredibly discontent to ever remain in a solid state, and thusly must continue to expand.  I feel a chill as I type this, and I know full well that somewhere, Mr. G is cackling. World domination is surely at hand.

            So I must posit this to you.  If you thirst for some real carbon based interaction and actual conversation with yours truly, one of the other incredibly interesting staffers at GenJ, or one of your fellow internet lurkers, consider attending iGovern this year.  Specifically, think about its newest incarnation, iGovern Pacific. 

           Located in sunny Southern California, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Los Angeles, it is, really without a doubt, the coolest thing we have ever done.  You will get to learn many interesting things, taught by even more interesting people, and make real, non-internet friends at the same time!  What’s more, for a limited time, you can attend for the meager sum of $495.  We’re practically giving this awesome experience away.
            This camp is Gipper approved, and you will have a chance to visit his library and even see Air Force One, the very plane that ushered him to the place that inspired him to give very stern commands regarding Russians, walls, and destruction.  Truly something not to be missed. 

            This offer is, fittingly I think, not available on the good ol’ interwebs.  Personal, albeit still electronic, interaction is required.  So give us a call (numerical sequence available at the bottom).  And hey, if you don’t make it, I’m sure typing all day about states rights and the Civil War is more fun anyways.

Hope to see you there!

Call us at 540-338-8608 to sign up for almost nothing! ($495)

Lucas Mason


  1. Mr. Mason~
    First: Great post. You are a wonderful writer.
    Second: I now understand your lack of forum posts!
    Third: Even if you don't like forums, you must like chats, because you always seem to have a lot of fun at the book club chats, at least the ones I've been to!
    Fourth: Even thought I can't go to iGovern Pacific, I can't wait to until August for West. Will you be there?
    God Bless,

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I will be at iGovern West, and I too cannot wait!