Monday, February 13, 2012

The Exemption

A few days ago now, as we were putting away the leftovers of the 7 layer dip and trying to figure out which bowl belonged to which guest, the Administration decided that it needed to defend its recent assault on religious liberty. 

Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (a more ironic title I couldn’t conceive of if I had tried) had an Op-ed in USA Today defending the President’s decision to require religious organizations to provide contraceptives to their employees as part of their health insurance.  Never mind that fact that many of these organizations view that as participating in the murder of a God ordained life, oh no, since polling indicated that most people use them it was the all-mighty right of the President to require that everyone pack in their religious faith as we enter this brave new world of his.  

It seems as if it wasn’t enough to create a new federal power requiring people to purchase based solely on the fact that they are alive, now those living people have to purchase the death of another human.  The sheer hypocrisy of the administration is mind blowing.  It seems that the president had appointed himself as the Supreme Moral Dictator of America, and this is just one more step in the systematic attack of the “progressive” on what remains of our religious freedom.  In the firestorm that followed, Obama “softened” his assault; but the assault continues.  As I write this I am on my way back from Washington State where I had the distinct “honor” of watching the Legislature of Washington State mandate gay marriage on citizens of that state.  It seems that everywhere I turn faith and freedom are under attack in this country. 

I was privileged to speak to several hundred homeschool students and parents who were in the capitol that day for their annual "Day at the Capitol."  As I spoke with them, and then with the brave men and women who stand in defense of God's truth in the halls of Government I was struck by the utter anguish that was present in their faces.  They had taken hard stands over the last few months doing all they could to stop it.  These men and women were the last line of defense against the government overruling yet another of God’s truths (that marriage is between a man and a woman only) in favor of man's wisdom.  In my mind’s eye I saw the battle of Helms Deep as the valiant defenders swore to sell their lives dearly in an attempt to defend the innocent.  Yet in this story Gandalf never came, there was no deliverer and the enemy overran the fortress destroying everything they found. 

As I watch the battle in Washington, D.C. regarding religious freedom and the battle in Washington State over who defines marriage, the government or God, I was reminded that this problem is at least in part a problem of our own making.  

Historically the church was the custodian of moral values in America.  It took great care to both maintain its integrity and to consistently guide its charges in how Scripture applied to current events, and that very explicitly included politics.  Somehow it seems that the church of today has bought into the lie that they should stay in their building, or at most only concern themselves with saving souls. The fact that God’s Word has truth that applies to all of life is conveniently ignored.  The church is to be the representation of Christ in our fallen and sinful world! Yes, Christ taught and saved souls, yes that was his primary role, but in the face of heinous evil He opposed it.  And the Church today should do the same.  We must stand for what was right, choosing not to hide from the public nor compromise our beliefs, and our government should respect truth, not try to redefine it.  Our society desperately needs to remember what the purpose of Government is.  Defining what is right and wrong, sacred and secular, true and false is not what God intended. 

So, what do you think the purpose of Government is?

-Post by Joel Grewe

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