Friday, January 6, 2012

Haters Are Gonna Hate, But Tebow Is The Real Deal

I tend to pride myself on not following the latest “hype.” I balk at the idea of following trends just because they are trends.

As football star Tim Tebow rose in popularity, especially among evangelicals, I dismissed him as just another Christian pop icon.

My family is really into football. My 16 year old brother played on a homeschool football team for years and now plays wide receiver at his Christian high school. Tim Tebow was also homeschooled and played high school footballl. We’re also huge Florida Gators fans. So needless to say, this guy was a hero in my house. It seemed like everyone else was jumping on the Tebow bandwagon and I was the only straggler…

But I was skeptical. Was this another Christian using religion for attention? Or was this guy for real? Well, I came to realize that Tim Tebow is by no means the only evangelical Christian in sports or even the NFL, but he is certainly the most outspoken.

Talk about someone who lives out the exhortation of Romans 1:16 with abandon! Yes he prays on the field and points to the sky and he even used to write Scripture references in his eye black before it was banned. But more importantly, Tim Tebow walks the walk. He uses his time off to go on missions trips. He inspires homeschoolers. His teammates and his opponents speak highly of him and of his character. He prays before every game and sings worship songs on the football field.

So why do some have such animosity toward Tim Tebow? Maybe some are like me- skeptical of a star athlete’s very-public profession of faith. Maybe some are irritated by his success. Maybe he is just too outspoken about his faith and that’s tough to swallow. And probably some just root against the Denver Broncos… or used to root against the Florida Gators.

But as for me, I am thankful for Tim Tebow. I’m thankful that in a sea of athletes who reach the endzone and do a little jig for their own glory, Tebow seizes any opportunity he can to point to Christ and to be outspoken about Who gives him his talent and motivates him to excellence. Tim Tebow is the real deal, and he is the kind of role model I can encourage my 16 year old brother to follow.

By Demi Bardsley

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