Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reflections On Camp

I am at my desk watching the rain come down as I reflect on the last several months at GenJ. Our summer is routinely marked by chaos and preparations as we get ready for, produce and the wrap up from our iGovern program. For those of you who don’t know these are Generation Joshua’s premier leadership training events. This last year we held two, they were in Colorado Springs and Washington DC and lasted for a week.

One of the things that strikes me this year is a great increase in attendance and God’s blessing upon these events. Don’t miss understand me, I don’t see God’s blessing as just numbers, though I do appreciate them. I see God’s blessing as protection for 120 people hiking down 8 miles of canyon, I see his blessing in providing safe passage into, through, and out of Washington DC, I see his blessing in watching students from very diverse Christian heritage come together and worship him in our nation’s capitol and in the Colorado Rockies. And most of all I see it in the conversations over this summer where I watch God softening a student’s heart and revealing how His truth impacts their life.

iGovern East and West were used by God for more than training over 250 people in leadership, election process and legislative techniques. It equipped them with the foundation necessary to engage the world around us as mature thinking Christians who know what they believe and why. To quote Morton Blackwell, one of our speakers, it is much easier to take someone with a solid foundation and equip them with political skills, than it is to take a skilled operative and give him a solid foundation.

For all of you who came Andrew Mullins (a member of our leadership corps) has hosted our Friday night slideshow for your viewing and downloading. Thanks so much for a wonderful summer and I’ll see you all again next year!



In Christ,

Joel Grewe

iGovern Camp Director

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