Thursday, September 22, 2011

FERPA, Now with another "E".

Today we spoke with homeschool dad and Congressman Randy Hultgren about his new bill, FERPEA (Family Educational Records and Privacy Extension Act).

He is amending the current FERPA exceptions that protect the private records of students in public and private schools to also include homeschoolers. His bill is a good example of why it is important to elect good people to congress. Generation Joshua deployed a team of homeschool volunteers to work on Hultgren’s campaign this last November.

The congressman said about Generation Joshua, “It is a great educational opportunity for homeschoolers to work in congressional offices and on campaigns.”

He said that this bill is a great opening for Generation Joshua students to stay active. “This is a good opportunity to go and sit down with their member of congress and talk about this bill.”

He said all you need to do is “talk about how homeschooling has grown [since the original bill was passed in the 70s] and how this bill is practical help for families.”

We encourage you to step up and support this legislation. Call your member of congress and set up a meeting! They’ll love hearing from you.

-Jeremiah Lorrig

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