Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GOP 2012 in a nutshell.

Last time I wrote about the 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls I expected the field to shrink as time went on. I am shocked to inform you that although three have dropped off (Pence, Thune, and DeMint), the field has widened not shrunk. They are in no particular order:

Palin-Fmr VP candidate, TV star, Fmr AK Gov, and momma grizzly.
Romney-Businessman, savior of the Olympics, Fmr MA Gov, and Mormon.
Huckabee-Front runner is the polls, Fmr AR Gov, Fmr pastor, and TV host.
Gingrich-Leader of the Contract with America, Fmr Speaker of the House political speaker, and author.
Barbour-MS Gov, Fmr RNC head, and southern insider.
Pawlenty-Fmr MN Gov, lawyer, and the guy I was rooting for to be McCain’s VP choice.
Santorum-Fmr PA Sen, pro-life leader, and homeschool dad.
Daniels-IN Gov, businessman, and wants a truce on the social issues.
Cain-Businessman, Tea Party speaker, speech at CPAC flopped, but speech at Conservative Principles Conference was great.
Roemer-WHO?!? That’s what I said. Fmr. LA Gov.
Paul (Ron)-Libertarian, TX Rep, Medical Dr, and Audit the Fed man.
Johnson-Creepy Libertarian, businessman, Fmr NM Gov, and only one to ma this list who doesn’t even claim to be pro-life.
Bachmann-MN Rep, Fmr Tax Attorney, foster mom, and Tea Party leader.
Huntsman-Fmr UT Gov, Fmr Ambassador to China and Singapore, and musician. (Also a Mormon but doesn’t seem to impact his political profile as much as Romney).
Moore-Judge, his claim to fame is that he was fired over the 10 Commandments.
Trump-TV Star, professional celebrity, businessman, and real-estate mogul.

Posted by Jeremiah Lorrig, originally published at Looking for Overland.

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