Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Standing with brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Obama administration has been working to improve America’s reputation overseas. He has gone around the world talking about how tolerant we are and how we want to work with everyone.

I agree with him; kind of. We should work with a coalition of the willing who are willing to stand with us to advance human rights. In other words, being friends with people is great so we can join together and DO something. Sometimes that will be joining together to do something hard.

So, I propose that Obama now use the good will he has carefully planted, watered, and grown to stand up and make a difference. In fact, I have a great place to start. Check out this article:

The article talks about how Iran is cracking down on Christians. Let’s advance human rights and stand up to the bully and defend the vulnerable. Let’s use our new found international standing for good. What is the famous like from Spiderman? “With great power comes adoring fans”? No, not really. We need to be responsible adults on the international scene and do what is right.

By Jeremiah Lorrig

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