Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beltway Beat: 2.2

Beltway Beat:

The Conservative political insider community is a buzz. Why? They are all talking about one of Generation Joshua’s regular iGovern camp speakers: Mike Pence.

Indiana congressman Mike Pence just stepped down from his position as ranking number three among the house Republicans. He is being called on to run for President.

The last few days have seen a groundswell of support for Mike from all corners of the political landscape.

o Solid conservative former Congressman, Olympic runner, and homeschool dad Jim Ryun has joined Reagan legal counsel Ralph Benko found the draft Pence website
They claim to have already raised $70,000 for the effort.

o Former House Majority Leader and FreedomWorks chairman Dick Armey plans to send a letter supporting Mike Pence. (WSJ)

o Morton Blackwell founder and president of the Leadership Institute who in 1980 organized and oversaw the national youth effort for Reagan is also plans to send a letter supporting Mike Pence. (WSJ)

o A group of South Carolina legislators have announced their own version of the draft Pence movement. They are willing to do what they can to help Mike win the important South Carolina primary. (CNN, WSJ)

o One of Pence’s challenges will be raising the funds needed to get his message out. But Chris Chocola a former Indiana congressman and now president of the heavy hitter Club for Growth has indicated support of a President Pence. (WSJ)

o Republican leaning pollster Scott Rasmussen indicated the other day that he believes that a Darkhorse will win the GOP nomination doubting that the “big names” -Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty or Newt Gingrich - could carry the states. (The Hill).

Mike, of course is humbled by the draft efforts saying “The first I’ve heard of this effort was this morning. We are obviously deeply humbled by the encouragement we’ve received.” He has told the media that he will be deciding to run by the end of February.

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