Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PA 12: A Loss Victorious

Last Wednesday I returned from a student action team (SAT) for Pennsylvania’s special election in district 12. Once again I was left amazed by the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by our students throughout our trip. We campaigned for Tim Burns who was a local businessman who called for change in Congress. Throughout the five days that we were there our kids rose to and exceeded the expectations of the campaign staff.

As the kids gathered together on Thursday night our director Dan, got everyone up to speed with the current situation and motivated the kids for the following day. On Friday we entered the calling center for Tim Burns and were given the goal of making 10,000 calls that day. By the day’s end we had made over 15,000. Based on the spectacular performance of the GenJ kids, the campaign staff raised the daily goal, and the kids continued to exceed it. On Election Day we made a total of 24,360 phone calls! Our daily tasks also included lit drops, and making as much noise as we could at rallies.

Tim Burns did not win the special election, but it was a victory for the kids to show their awareness and concern for current politics. I received several compliments by older volunteers at our campaign headquarters about how great it was to see young people getting involved with elections. It was encouraging for me to see that the kids not only exceed the goals given to them by the campaign, but that they were also able to do so with a good attitude. Phone calls are not the most exciting task, and this campaign asked us to make thousands of calls. Even after sitting in a room for hours making phone calls the kids found ways to enjoy their task. To me this showed their true willingness and dedication. Tim Burns stated that, “This race was and is about helping to save the greatest country on the face of this earth.” The kids clearly understood that point and were willing to give up their time and energy to help in that cause.

As the November elections draw closer each day I am excited to see what future SATs will hold for me. It is an encouragement to see so many young people engaged and dedicated to helping strong pro-life, pro-family candidates get elected into office. I want to thank all those who were on the PA 12 special election. It was a great time and I look forward to seeing what the fall has in store!

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