Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apocalypse now!

Woe is us!

Health Care has passed, we are doomed!!

Ok people, if you have worked the whining out of your system, lets hold the hand wringing and nose blowing for a minute and think about this.

Yes, Health Care has passed; the question is, “What do we do now?”

The answer: We Fight!

The liberals in Congress have made history in their latest move away from an America of personal opportunity and responsibility into the realm of Government provision personal conformity. This is a direct assault upon the personal freedoms and liberties we hold dear.

There is a silver lining in this however. This is a wake up call to America. Primaries are being held over the next 6 months, and in about eight months there will be a judgment call. If you live in a state where you feel your Representative or Senator went against what is best for the country in their vote, let them know.

Furthermore we must not forget the freedoms that we have lost when it comes to Election Day. Some, in our country, may have decided that it is better for our nation that the government control more and more of our lives, but we know better. When election season comes around, I would ask that each of you consider what you can do to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear in Washington D.C. (Personally I would suggest being part of the largest Generation Joshua Student Action Team deployment in history.)

This week, I was studying Romans 13; as I thought about the command to obey our government, I wrestled with how to reconcile that with my opposition to health care.

We are not a government of people but of laws. Thus we obey the laws, but the people that make the laws are our representatives – not our governors – thus we obey the law not the representative. This means that I will fill out the census and I will pay the health care taxes.

In the USA, since the power is held by the people, God’s charge for a government to support good and oppose evil becomes much more complicated.

We (the people, and thus, ultimately the government of the USA) are to oppose evil and promote good, and our primary method of that is voting (secondarily Jury Duty). We are Biblically charged to act wisely and to do our best to guide our government in wise decisions. We should use the rights we have wisely and effectively, not breaking the law, but paying our taxes and honoring our Government.

I then had to determine if I opposed health care on direct Biblical grounds, indirect grounds, or just as a matter of philosophy. I found myself in the middle camp; I oppose government run health care because it limits personal freedom and responsibility, it does not really oppose evil (i.e. allowing federal subsidies for Abortion providers), and it does not uphold Biblical goals (i.e. the idea of providing for ones family, and not the Government providing for you).

Our Congress has acted against the good of our nation, and against the very foundations of our republic. I hope and pray that come November, we will remember this!

- Mr. G

Mr. G is the Deputy Director of Generation Joshua

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