Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What are the GenJ Auxiliaries?

Since the rumors of the GenJ College program started almost 2 years ago there has been much discussion as to what the program would look like. When it was originally designed, it looked a lot like the GenJ Club program for college students; however, we think the final version is more focused on developing leadership skills and a heart for God.

The GenJ Auxiliary has been created to provide an opportunity for leadership for GenJ members who are over 19 and are interested in leadership opportunities within GenJ. That said, the Auxiliary is designed for people who are committed to investing in the lives and hearts of Generation Joshua members. The Application process is designed to be rigorous to ensure the best future leadership for Generation Joshua. We anticipate asking the Auxiliary to act as staff for our student action teams, help at teen tracks around the United States and mentor younger students at our iGovern leadership camp. In addition we are looking for people that have a heart to see Generation Joshua members grow in Christ, and become better citizens in their own community.

So you think you are right for GenJ Auxiliary, what do you do now? You begin the application process. Fill out our 2-page application form, compile your resume, and get 3 letters of recommendation (one from a pastor, one from a parent, and the third from an employer or adult friend).

Now that you have your application packet complete send it to the GenJ Auxiliary Review Board. If the Review Board votes unanimously to confirm you as a member of the Auxiliary, your packet will get sent on to the director who will decide whether or not to accept you into the program.

You are probably wondering why the application process is so rigorous. Due to the responsibilities of the GenJ Auxiliaries (moderating the GenJ forums and chat room, serving as camp counselors, leading SATs, representing Generation Joshua to the public etc.), we will not just accept anyone. Members of the Auxiliary have a great opportunity for leadership, but at the same time, a great responsibility. We do want to give that responsibility to people who will best be able to handle it. Therefore, we have a rigorous application process to make sure that we only accept those committed to serving the members of GenJ.

Will you join the few, the proud, the GenJ Auxiliaries?

- Mr. G and G. Bertsch

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