Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ben Rush and Clubs, What Could Be Better?

GenJ has a lot of great programs. Many of these programs are complimentary. None are quite as complimentary as Ben Rush Twenty10 and our clubs program. While I was working over the program for 2010 I began to notice that an entire club could easily complete the first level of Ben Rush Awards. All they would need to do is organize their meetings to complete one requirement a meeting. I began to think about what I could do if I was a GenJ club member and was part of a club…

Meeting One: I get up and talk about my congressman and senator at our meeting. We then decide to all write them a letter about healthcare and cap-and-trade. That is one requirement down. That was easy. I go home, register for the Ben Rush Awards Program on the Generation Joshua website and then email a copy of the letter to the admin.

Meeting Two: Our club president and I decide it would be great to keep doing Ben Rush as a club so we set up a voter registration booth at my church and at the local homeschool book sale. Yep, I registered five people to vote, including my youth pastor. Email the forms and I am done.

Meeting Three: Bring a couple non-GenJ friends to the GenJ club meeting where we discuss current events and plan for a volunteer trip next month. One of my friends loves it, and wants to join us in our volunteer work next time. He signs up for GenJ and marks me as his referral. Great! That is my one GenJ referral.

Meeting Four: Our club president and sponsor organize a trip to volunteer for the campaign of Joe Conservative who is currently campaigning against Bob Liberal. I like Joe, and I get my five hours of volunteerism credit for Ben Rush. Yes! Double score! I get Joe’s campaign manager to sign my Ben Rush form and I send it off.

Meeting Five: I bring in my completion essay to exchange it with my friend who is better at Grammar than I am. He marks a couple of errors, and I edit it and then send it to the Ben Rush admin who has been processing my other forms and keeping track of my points for the last several months.

Meeting Six: I wear my GenJ T-shirt that I just received for completing my Ben Rush citizen level award requirements. The rest of the club looks good in their shirts too.

…Well, it is interesting to think about at any rate. Bring it up at your club. You may be interested in one of the higher prizes, maybe one of the scholarships, but wouldn’t it be great if you could complete many of those requirements with a group of your friends?


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  1. Great post Michael! I like the new blog.

    Our club will be doing a lot of Ben Rush requirements together.